Yves Mellenthin  

CEO / Founder

Dirk Mikolaizak  

CFO  / GM  

Danilo Reinke

 COO  / CTO 

Soraya Mellenthin |Assistant to the Management

Charlie Klose | COF Chief of Staff

Silvia Giertz | Finance Accounting 

Steffi Siebert | Finance Accounting 

Christopher Kunze | Customer Management 

Doreen Ehrenreich | Project Management 

Martin Wieczny | Project Management  

Christian Fröhlich  | Personal Manager

Sven Blank | Warehouse Clerk 

Christian Fleuch| Warehouse Clerk

Michel Würffel | Completed Apprenticeship in the Field of Electrical Engineering

Rocco Reinke | Complete Apprenticeship in the Field of Electrical Engineering